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Arkema worldwide

Effective for orders placed after Jan 15th, 2017, Sartomer Asia is increasing prices on Acrylate Monomers and Oligomers by the following amounts:


(Meth)acrylate monomers RMB 3.50 / USD 0.50 / JPY 60 / KRW 600 per kilogram

Urethane (meth)acrylates  RMB 2.50 / USD 0.35 / JPY 45 / KRW 430 per kilogram


This action is a result of the continued escalation of raw material, energy, logistic costs incurred, especially since September of this year. We have been making continuous efforts to reduce the impact caused by such factors, but it has come to an extent beyond such efforts. Unfortunately, we do not foresee any quick turnaround.


We hope you will continue to support Sartomer and that the very strong relationship between our companies will help us overcome this difficult period.