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Specialty Electronic Adhesives

Sartomer's new specialty resins for UV/EB/LED-curable formulations used in high-performance electronic applications include:

Device displays:

PPRO31718 for excellent barrier property and flexibility in Optical Clear Adhesives


Quantum dot displays:

CN8888 NS oligomer to improve the adhesion and moisture barrier protection


OLED displays:

CN9014 NS for extreme high barrier properties


Specialty Coatings

Sartomer's specialty oligomers enhance functional properties of UV/EB/LED curable coatings such as soft touch, anti-finger print and stain resistance. Additional applications and properties include:

High-end applications:


CN8881 NS for good weatherability and durability


Dual cure coatings:


CN1074 NS, CN153 for a thorough cure and low shrinkage


Graphic Arts

Sartomer's specialty monomers meet low-VOC regulations and market demand for rapid curing of UV/EB/LED inks and coatings that are ideal for applications such as:

Offset inks:

SR583 NS, SR579 NS, PRO31757, PRO31820, PRO31847, PRO31848 for high reactivity and cost effectiveness


Inkjet inks:


SR420 NS, SR217 NS, SR285 NS, SR531 NS, SR595 NS, a broad range of low-viscosity monomers


3D Printing

Sartomer’s N3xtDimension® liquid resins, along with Rilsan® biosourced polyamide 11 and Kepstan® PEKK ultra-high performance polymer are part of the newly launched 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema platform. N3xtDimension® line of UV-curable 3D printing solutions help additive manufacturers yield exceptional material’s tunability, high-definition, and fulfill performance and regulatory requirements for a wide range of industrial applications. The launch of these products has been made possible by close collaboration between the Sartomer Asia Technical Center and the recently opened 3D Printing Center of Excellence at Sartomer Americas in Exton, Pennsylvania.

Dental models:

CN1964CG, PRO31592, PRO31593 optimized for dental surgery guides and dentures


Jewelry casting:


N3D-C179, N3D-C229, N3D-C239, N3D-C249, PRO31879 that have good melt casting properties and low remains after the casting process


Consumer goods:


PRO31641, PRO31640, CN9903 NS for TPU alternative products with high resilience property for shoe soles


SLA printing solutions:


CN153, which can be cured by both light and heat


Technical seminar:

Sartomer Asia UV curing specialist Julie Zhou will deliver a technical seminar on special properties of newly developed polyester acrylates, which are ideal for inks and coatings applications because they promote high reactivity, excellent pigment wetting and advanced adhesion. The seminar, conducted in Chinese, is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4, 2018 from 10:30 a.m.–11:20 a.m. Meeting Room 1, Area A, Hall 4.2 at the China Import & Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex) in Guangzhou, China. Click here by November 30, 2018 to register for the seminar.

CHINACOAT 2018 takes place December 4-6, 2018 in Guangzhou, China at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex. For more information, visit



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