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SpeedCure 500

A formulation of Speedcure 84 and Speedcure BP
#CAS 947-19-3
#CAS 119-61-9
Product overview
SpeedCure 500 is a formulation of Norrish Type I and Norrish Type II photoinitiators from the hydroxyacetophenone and benzophenone families, with an absorption maximum at 249 nm. SpeedCure 500 provides high reactivity and surface cure when used at 0.5-5 wt% and combined with an amine synergist in UV curable formulations.
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Maxima Absorption Wavelength (nm) 249
Performance Clear Coatings, Low Yellowing, Pigmented Systems, Surface Cure
Suggested Applications Flexographic inks, Industrial coatings, Offset inks, Overprint varnishes, Screen inks, Wood coatings